An Endevour to be had.

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I’m making my granddaughter and my daughters Halloween costumes.

It’s an endeavor to be had. Still working on them but I took out time to post this.

We think everything we do is an endeavor, most of the time it is. Some things take more of a challenge and somethings come so naturally. My costume ideas are those which comes naturally. Whereas trying to business online, well that is a different story.

I have been studying all forms of online business for about four to five years and not much further ahead than I was, if I had a coach sitting right beside me showing me how it’s done I could accomplish a whole lot more. Guaranteed.

The Challenge

I studied Super Affiliates,  A program called Job-Killing, Did my own Website Business for a while. I did Digital Altitude until they shut down. As well as a few others but by far the best one I got into is Four Percent with Vick Strizheus, unfortunately, I ended up with a brain aneurysm (the second one in twenty years). Which I had to close everything down. Not knowing how this surgery would go. As it turns out I’m here to tell you about it!.

Now they are changing their format to an educational site which is phenomenal, from my experience I highly recommend it. They Teach things Like Internet Mastery.

Internet Mastery

SEO Mastery

seo image

And A whole lot more. Some programs are free and some you buy.

It is worth the investment if you’re going to run a business, I’m not sure if they’re going to do the dollar entry fee or upped a bit.  The costly part is their main product line, also a lot of free programs, everything an Entrepreneur needs. I’ll provide a link if you want to check them out.




The Story of Sedna

I am chosing to reblog this post The story of Sedna because it reminds me of. Spirit, sacrifice from the love of her father and fear of Sedna. I loved the story, it reminds me of the things we face everyday.


In our culture, Inuit shamans were known to travel to different afterworlds. When hunters were unable to catch food from the sea, they would transform themselves into fish in order to reach the bottom of the ocean. There they would find Sedna, and would comb her long tangled hair & weave it into braids to soothe her trauma and showcase compassion.

melodycharlie_tina18-6 photo by: Melody Charlie, @FirstNationPhotographer

The story of Sedna begins with an unrequited love and arranged marriage between a hunter and a beautiful Inuit woman named Sedna. The hunter won the approval of Sedna’s widowed father by claiming he could provide plentiful food & furs.

After their arranged marriage, the hunter brought Sedna by boat to a remote and deserted island. This was when the hunter revealed his true self; a spirit bird disguised as a human.

Shortly after, Sedna’s father came by kayak to visit and check up on…

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Creations of my own- Part Three

A little funny for ya!  “Here`s looking at you kids”.

I think this one was my favourite and the busiest years for Halloween I created costumes all that year, 4 fairies and 3 gargoyles. There wasn`t any place that sold the gargoyle masks so I made them and the wings. The fairies I made the wings, ear cuffs, headpieces, and the outfits as well.

That’s it for the fairies and gargoyles.

Sorry if It appears that I’m just jumping through, but to showcase all the celebrations and costume ideas I need to zoom through them, so there displayed over a few days.

This is the 80`s Theme

Pj Night

Gods and Goddesses

Hawaiian Day


This night the pub went all out for decoration as they usually do. I was so much fun too, our theme that night was:

50 Shades of Grey


Then we are back to Halloween again…..


We have a few pictures from various celebrations that were also dress-up times but I can not remember the certain dates.


Well, Folks that is it, I hope you’ve enjoyed my creations. I will continue to make more as time goes on. It is my passion and there are so many years left.

I want to thank “Meridian Arms Pub” in Port Coquitlam B.C. for forever keeping us entertained and giving us the opportunity to do this.

Creations of my own-part Two


This is why Aliens won`t talk to us, seemed like an appropriate photo because I am strange in the nicest way possible. My mind doesn`t think like everyone else which I`m sure you`ve figured out by now 🙂 I`m one of a kind like so many have told me.

My granddaughter really helps my creative flow going which I totally love her for. You`ll see her many times in the photos she is my inspiration. A mind of a now 9 year old is a wonderful addition.

February 14th – Valentine`s Day.

We decided to call the theme, `Lady in Red`. There will be photos from 2 years back and last year combined. Just so this series doesn`t take forever. Seems like I only have one photo from 2 years ago but the rest is from last year.


Last year



2 years ago

So much more fun when you have a few gals to join in, which is most of the time and you will see the same pub in most of the pictures. They threw on incredible events. I`ll give a great big shout out to the – “Meridian Arms Pub”, here in Port Coquitlam BC Canada. The last Thursday of the month they do an event day, all the more reason to get dressed up.

I made the two costumes for this event Tracy- white boa and myself in the feathers, My friend (partner in crime) Donna, (is the one with the black hat, made Lynne`s costume) the lady in the black. I hope they don`t mind me mentioning names in this blog. All the same, ladies pretty much come to every event all dressed up.

March 17th- St. Patty`s Day

Again I will add a year or two in the same sequence so we don`t take too much time for you, my viewers.

awesome pics 102


My the luck of the Irish always be with you!!!


April 2nd Easter

I don`t think I have too many photos in my gallery for this celebration but we go all out for our home as well as costumes.

Nov.2016 033



so there you have today’s blog.

I promised you some since I was so busy that last couple of days I decided to do them all at once for you. Part three is going to be mainly photos so I really hope you enjoy it.

Creations of my own – Part One

Carleys I Phone pics Jan. 2016 687

Come on Admit It!

I will start by saying that I started this creative mode many years ago, documenting them in the form of pictures I haven’t reached the level of videos yet, I’m a little nervous to go there yet.

There is going to be several photos in this article and the actual content may take a few days so I will list this as Part 1, Part two and so forth. So you may get the total effects, procedures, and ideas that I put across. Remember these are not professionally made and are sewn by hand. I know there are a lot of professionals out there, but this is me.

Carleys I Phone pics Jan. 2016 916

I first of all like to “Welcome You”. This is going to some fantastic content because it is writing with my heart and the joy I put into each project unique on its own. This may not be for some but it will be for others.

Like I stated it will have a lot of pictures, and documented content. It has been a few days since I write because I am working on this year’s project.

Well, now I will reveal what it is that I’m talking about. With the season coming closer I felt it was time to share. I’m speaking of HALLOWEEN. I make costumes, some are a bazar creation as I like to have my mind wander, and some are the standard Halloween creation.

My friend Donna and I always did theme parties not just for Halloween but for other birthdays and such, really anything type of celebration you could go to. Any reason to play dress up. That is the child in me coming out.

It would cost approximately, $100 CAD for every outfit from head to toe.

I would like to introduce you to my first creation.


I made both his and hers from everything from the masks, to the gems in my hair, beads (one at a time), to the cape made out of a tablecloth. All hand sewen because I didn’t own a sewing machine. I want to say “My glue gun and Me” that’s what I’m going to call my next blog….lol

That was my first venture to the world of make-believe, I’m hooked now. I don’t have any other vises so why not. Are you ready for my next venture?

I may get the dates mixed up so they may be in order. You’ll get my meaning anyway. I hope you have as much fun as I am creating this part of my page for you, there’s more to come.

Picture for auction 019




Recent Mercury Retro and Eclipse Aftershocks | Crystals that Can Help – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy | Crystal Healing | Crystal Healer | Crystal Therapy | Certified Crystal Healer | Crystal Grids | Crystal Healing Course

Crystals for healing are truly amazing on a spiritual and physical level. Daily.

The Sisters of the Fey

I’ve had major problems with my author blog as of late. In fact, a few other things have been acting up. So… what could be the cause?

mercury retrograde

Hibiscus Moon talks about the Cosmic Energies at Play Once Again. We’re going to talk about recent Mercury retrograde and eclipse aftershocks and crystals that can help. I thought this…

Source: Recent Mercury Retro and Eclipse Aftershocks | Crystals that Can Help – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy | Crystal Healing | Crystal Healer | Crystal Therapy | Certified Crystal Healer | Crystal Grids | Crystal Healing Course

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I’m preparing something special for you all.

For my readers, I’m preparing something very special for you. I am so excited that I’m starting a little early.

This little special something is going to take a few days so you may not see the published results as I’m drafting it up now. It will consist of several phases posted a day at a time, to get the total effect, ok.

Hopefully, after the first segment, it will keep you in your seat to see the next. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway.

Also, I’m going to implement such things as Thrilling Thursday, Wordless Wednesdays, Fabulous Fridays and so forth.

I would like to also publish 1 guest each month (if we are allowed to)

A little heads up for the future. During the time I’m off work, for medical reasons I will post daily, but once I return to work I will post two to three times per week…I hope you all don’t mind…after 10-hour shifts I get so tired. I don’t think I can muster up the strength to post during the days of work unless I have a huge story or idea that I need to share (at that moment) then I’ll definitely, start up my computer.

So anyway this is a little bit shorter of a post, but I wanted you to know what I have up my sleeve in future posts (sort of) lol.

I’m looking forward to writing them for you and anticipating the excitement it brings to you too.

So please stay tuned. I appreciate all of you and thank you for your patience.

Let your creative mind soar, the creations flow. Stay warm within your thoughts,  and your hearts glow.

Much Love,



Enough blue in the sky to make a pair of pants

Live your life, believe, dream, reflect on your memories and yourself.


This is something my dad use to say; (on dreary days), “If there is enough blue in the sky to make a pair of pants, it’s going to be a nice day”. Then it would turn out gorgeous.

So that is what I hope for today. I like to keep my spirits up. I had several happy moments with my mom and dad, (who have passed away) but still bring laughter to me. My children are always saying; “I heard that one, mom” but I tell it again anyway. I recall it as though it happened yesterday.

I’m sure you all have reflections of your own and I would love to hear about them. With your permission, I would love to share them in my blog posts.

Oh, look at that the sun is coming out….


See with hope, dreams do come true. 😄 Thanks, Dad.

I read in Earl Nightingale’s book- The Strangest Secret. He states; “You are what you think about” and that is such an incredible message. If you think about whatever it is that you want, with unwavering courage, think about it all day long every chance,  It will come true. He also mentions to write on a “Goal Card”, you don’t have to show anyone but look at it several times a day, it will help you create it.

Napoleon Hill’- “Think and Grow Rich” speaks of having the Desire (a burning desire), one you will never retreat from.

Faith– A state of mind through affirmation and repeated instructions.

Autosuggestion– The subconscious mind that can be put to work for us.

Specialized Knowledge– Knowledge is power only to the extent that is organized in the plan of action and directed to a definite end.  So much more.

I bring these up because it has helped me instill the possibilities of dreams can come true.

Like dad said; “If there is enough blue in the sky to make a pair of pants..” enjoy the day!


Here is an off topic tidbit of knowledge in helping me to be a better blogger. I read an article by another blogger called- By Henry Lake- called “How to write blog comments that stand out ( plus examples)”

I loved it, It was very informative, I learned a lot. “Comments can be powerful. A great comment can land you on the radar of a popular blogger” quoted from his article. Or to put “a faceless silhouette that screams generic nobody”, that one hit home to me….So, I put my photo on my blog, so people know who the blogger is”, “That you are reading with a real person”. So that’s what I did. It also stated that a 300-word column, therefore I will do my best. So here is a 484-word column for you, not too bad ey! 🙂


In a wondrous way, we help each other

Many joys are brought into our lives as we strive to live in today’s society. Today I sitting quietly outdoors enjoying my coffee, with no one talking and the sounds of the neighbours bustling around me. I’m left to my own thoughts now and I love it. My mind goes in so many directions thinking of rational and irrational thought patterns. What I mean by rational and irrational is the creative wheels are churning, with excitement, rational is -“can it be done?”, -answer- “Why not, anything you set your mind to you can accomplish”.

I will start by saying: “I’m thrilled about the new venture, I’m about to go on with you”.  I have more clarity than ever before. I have so much to do.

I am going to give you the visualization of all the possibilities this can bring you.   Now close your eyes, put yourself in a relaxed state of mind, breathe slowly and gently. Now imagine with me, “How will your journey be?” I’m going to ask you some questions (do whatever works for you to help you put yourself at ease), this is the exercise I do: Can you see the envision of a river? Running smoothly over variously sized pebbles, with the sun glistening off the water. Leading into a pond, with Koi fish and vegetation.

Do you hear the sound? What does it sound like? To me it sounds like little crackles, flowing down the gentle stream. Then the plop of the water going into the pond. Can you see it? What else do you hear?  20170411_200145I love the thought that I can help people understand my idea of the necessary flow of a happy life. Which I hope to elaborate on. I hope I can touch your lives and warm your hearts.

Carleys I Phone pics Jan. 2016 409
Great Attitude

I’m so excited for today will start a new chapter in my life as well as yours. the creativity that surges through my veins I like to try to create in yours too as long as you want it. Life can be so much fun, we can not sit idly letting it just pass us by.

I’ve always had the sense of urgency in knowing I had to change the world but how, what was I going to do that would make a difference in people’s lives. So here we go!

Thank you for reading 🙂